Anti-Cruelty Society

Location: Chicago, IL
Project Size: Renovated 2,000 sq. ft.
Type of Project: Interior Remodel of Existing Tenant Space
Date Completed: March, 2024

Project Category: Animal Care , Animal Shelters
The Anti Cruelty Society lobby located in Chicago, IL.

Project Description

Anti-Cruelty Society, located in Chicago, IL, partnered with RWE Design Build to renovate various spaces throughout their 9,000-square-foot facility. Collectively, RWE designed and renovated 2,000 square feet of the building, including the lobby, cat adoption and holding, dog adoption and holding, small animal room, offices, and more!

During the design phase of our proven design-build process, we discussed leaving the existing wall tiles intact for some of the spaces to save costs. You can see light blue wall tiles along the bottom half of the walls in the photos below; we kept those tiles from the space in their original place, renovated around the tile, and then deep cleaned the tile and grout to give it a refreshed look.

“The construction team with RWE delivered an on-time and on-budget project. They remained in communication with our project team and involved us in all the critical decisions that came up throughout the project.” – Darlene Duggan, Chief Operations Officer, Anti-Cruelty