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Countryside Veterinary Center Exterior entrance.

Specialty and Emergency Vet Construction

Explore These Specialty and Emergency Animal Care Design Ideas

Specialty Centers and Animal Emergency Care design and construction. Unique buildings for animal oncology, orthopedics, dental, derm, and everything else.

Designing and building animal care facilities that offer advanced services requires an experienced team. Whether you’re looking for specialty animal care exterior renovations or a completely new facility from the ground up, it’s important to have the right expertise by your side. Depending on the specialties your veterinary hospital offers, you’ll need to work with a partner who understands the various intricacies involved. For example, alleviating disturbances that could affect MRI imaging, and installing proper hooks ups and drop downs for anesthesia, oxygen, and scavenging. From efficiency to functionality, we’ll guide you through this process.

Our experience in these projects makes us the ideal partner for your emergency animal care exterior renovation, interior refresh or new construction. 

Check out some designs we’ve done, and start to imagine your own.

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Project Type

Clinics Designed For Vets. More Healthy Animals. Better Business.

Renovate and existing facility or start anew.

Our team of experts will help you to build or renovate your animal emergency care facilities with your needs in mind. For instance, we understand how to plan spaces to allow for the smoothest and most efficient workflows and movement of animals. Spaces are planned thoughtfully for optimal pre and post-operation needs, proper infection control and to help reduce stress levels in animals as they are undergoing treatment.

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Ground Up

From soil to the ceiling and everything in between, we’ll design and build your new clinic or clinics on-time and on-budget.


Your business is growing. You need space to grow more. Our team will make the new addition feel just like home.


If what’s inside no longer fits your needs, we’ll reimagine and rebuild in your existing space with minimal disruption.

Client Testimonials

Making Emergency and Specialty Animal Care Visions a Reality

See what our clients have to say!

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Veterinary Specialty Center exterior view.

“Our building was designed and built by experienced professional and by  union subcontractors that were experienced in their respective trades. The combination of all of the above has resulted in a unique veterinary specialty and emergency facility that provides the ability for generational state-of-the-art care, expansion potential and addresses the physical and emotional needs of our clients, patients, and staff.”

Dr. Feinmehl

Veterinary Specialty Center

Animal Care Center Of Downers Grove lobby view.

“Using a company like RWE that specializes in animal facilities and in designing them to meet a certain budget makes this process both successful and enjoyable. Most builders have no idea of how materials will hold up to the challenge of what we do and RWE has been doing this for over 25 years and it shows.”

Dr. Kremer
Downers Grove Animal Care Center

Countryside Veterinary Center reception desk.

“RWE is organized, forward thinking, hard working and highly driven to get things accomplished. They understand the industry and can tell clients how to run their businesses a little bit better.”

Dr. Coyne
Countryside Veterinary Center

Make Decisions With A Partner Who Protects Your Interests

Building a new animal emergency care center or specialty clinic is a series of important decisions. We’re going to help you make the choices that work best for your business goals — and then make those decisions a reality.

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Our Proven Animal Care Construction Process


Your new facility is key to your business. We take that seriously. We know dog daycare building design is different from other types of construction, and our experts understand the many unique considerations for these spaces. For example, open rooms where playtime occurs should include noise-minimizing materials such as acoustic panels and tiles. Doing so helps minimize noise, decrease animal stress, and allow for better communication between employees and staff and customer interactions. It’s also essential to design common pet areas with sections so that animals that do not get along can be separated from one another while still enjoying their daycare experience.
We also have grooming and boarding design expertise that separates us from other design-build firms and general contractors. There are distinct space needs for each stage of the grooming process (bathing, drying, and grooming), so we recommend having three separate rooms for each.

● Bathing rooms require adequate waterproofing, plumbing, draining, and proper HVAC because of the excessive humidity that accumulates within them.
● Drying rooms are loud not only from the animals but also from the drying machines. We’ll often segregate the blower motors from the drying room to minimize animal noise, ultimately decreasing animal stress while prioritizing technician welfare.
● Grooming rooms require efficient layouts for optimal workflow, adequate storage spaces for supplies, and both overhead and task lighting.

For animal boarding facilities, flooring is a top priority. We ensure proper waterproofing and recommend installing non-slip flooring materials to eliminate dog injuries. It's advantageous to have smaller pods or neighborhoods when boarding animals versus having fifty dogs in one room. Segregating the animals controls noise, but more importantly, helps contain contagious substances, limiting the risk of all animals in your facility becoming exposed to respiratory diseases. The HVAC air exchanges are also crucial to minimizing diseases, so we recommend using UV filters to limit pathogens that can gain traction. Lastly, incorporating natural light is also essential for animal welfare, as boarding can often be incredibly stressful for animals and lead to out-of-character behavioral issues. Thus, our boarding facility designs often recommend skylights and several windows.

Choosing our pet care design build services means you can have what works best for your specific clientele.

Here’s how we work with you. There is no pressure, just partnership.

1. Consultation

Free consultation process where we learn your goals, talk about ideas, and see if we’re the right fit for you.

2. Needs Analysis

A needs analysis is a low-cost way for you to find out the promises, challenges, and costs of your potential project.

3. Design

Here we design a clinic that fits your goals, maximizes your profit, and celebrates your unique ideas. We pay close attention to ensuring maximum safety for your staff, animals, and visitors and keeping you compliant with all relevant requirements.

4. Bidding

We award our subcontractors with your project while you focus on financing with one of our preferred partners.

5. Build

Get building with our trusted network of contractors so you can open your doors on-time and on-budget.

6. Closeout

Warranties are provided, a final quality assurance walk through is completed by our team, your training occurs and the keys are yours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial Construction FAQs

These are just some of the many questions our clients are seeking answers for.

From the beginning stages of your dog daycare facility design build project to post-occupancy, we are here to answer them for you.

Have more questions? Reach out to our team of experts.

What is design-build and how is it helpful?

Design-build is a project delivery method where a single entity is responsible for both the design and construction phases. It streamlines communication, reduces risks, and enhances collaboration, resulting in cost and time savings.

What if I don't have a location yet?

We can introduce you to one of our preferred real estate partners to help with selection. We will coordinate the due diligence process whether it's a lease space or a real estate purchase.

How do we know this project is right for us?

We’re on your side. We treat your money like ours, and only recommend what is in the best interest of your business goals.

I'm a start-up veterinary or medical practice, can you help me?

Of course! We work with independent business owners and corporate networks. Whether you are looking to build one location or many, we're the partner to make your vision become a reality.

Our experience doesn’t stop at specialty animal care exterior renovations. We work on a wide range of animal care facilities, including veterinary clinics, animal shelters, and boarding, grooming, and daycare facilities.


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