Top 5 Ways to Update Your Facility Without Major Renovations

Even the most well-designed facility can use a little upgrade every now and then. Maybe your facility is a few years old and there was something you wish you had done differently, or a new trend has emerged that you wish could be incorporated. Either way, we all want to keep our businesses and practices up to date, but when the cost of a major renovation doesn’t make sense, there are things that can be done to make your space more appealing to you and your patients or visitors without tearing out walls or doing major construction.

Focus on the Reception Area

The reception area can be considered one of the most important spaces in a commercial or medical office. As cliché as it sounds, the reception area is where the first impression and the first interaction with your business takes place, and an inviting reception space can have a major impact on patient or customer experiences. When re-thinking your reception space, there are many ways to do small updates that have a big impact. A great place to start is the reception desk. Consider adding some type of paneling, wainscoting or tiling on the front of the desk to add visual interest. Storage options or shelving are also important as clutter can distract both employees and patients. On the walls, murals, custom art pieces or a new sign with your logo can also add drama to enhance your space. Just remember that an effective reception area combines both design and function that will flow into your office or practice.

Add New Lighting

Efficient lighting can bring a space to life, and the right light fixtures can modernize your practice. While medical practices are generally well lit in exam rooms and treatment areas, lighting can be added or adjusted throughout the practice to provide personality, make a space feel open and welcoming, or to make a strong statement. When considering light fixtures for your facility, focus on the common areas to brighten up your space. For instance, wall sconces down a hallway add a nice comforting touch while pendant lights or chandeliers can be statement pieces or focal points in reception areas with high vaulted ceilings.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

Depending on the facility, paint in a low-traffic commercial facility may last anywhere between 3-5 years. More high traffic areas such as hallways, and other common areas may need more attention or frequent paint touch ups. Aside from general upkeep, a fresh coat of paint can do much more than cover up dings on walls. Bold or subtle, warm or cool, the options are endless and can make a big impact with a small investment. Paint can also serve to energize employees to boost productivity as well as enhance your practice with consistent branding if you choose a color that complements your brand colors and other marketing materials. For more information on how to choose a color for your facility, check out our article here.

Create More Usable Space

Space is valuable in any office building or medical practice, and an intelligently designed layout can help your practice reach its full potential. Making the space functional to fit your needs is essential for improved workflow and maximizing available options. In many offices, the front desk is the only viable workstation and can get crowded with technicians and receptionists working in tandem. Decentralizing this workspace and creating small workstations throughout the office makes it easier for employees to have more productive spaces to work. These workstations can be located in hallways or in treatment areas as mini-stations for support staff to easily access patient histories, write notes or double check prescriptions and medications which frees up the front desk for checking patients in and out, answering questions and making appointments.

Place an Emphasis on Curb Appeal

While the majority of building maintenance occurs on the inside of the facility, don’t forget the exterior of your building. From the parking lot to the front door, it’s important to make clients and patients want to come inside of your practice. Keeping the grounds clean of garbage and debris is just as important as maintaining the landscaping around the building. Some items to consistently keep up with are grass trimming, weeding flower beds, sweeping the pathways and sidewalks and trimming trees.

Don’t forget about the entrance to the building either! A great way to freshen up the exterior is to have a new walkway poured or rebuilt to fix the surface cracks that can happen over time. Even a good power washing or a fresh coat of paint on the door can make a huge difference in the curb appeal of your practice.

All of these updates can modernize and renew your practice, without the expense of a major renovation. If you didn’t know, RWE Design Build’s Service Department can handle your smaller remodeling needs when your practice needs a little TLC. Call us today to discuss your project!

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